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The Northern Sydney Symphonic Wind Ensemble (NSSWE) was established in early 2010 by our Artistic Director Patrick Brennan as an extension program for student musicians who play woodwind, brass or percussion across the Northern Sydney region.

NSSWE is about Community, Performance, Development and Fun!

NSSWE aims to complement and enhance the school band programs by challenging those students who have gained a high degree of musical proficiency.

The program provides students with opportunities for extension as they:

  • perform musical repertoire of a very high standard, in professional and public venues such as The Concourse in Chatswood
  • develop their musical skills and talent under the direction of highly qualified conductors
  • share their love of music with like-minded peers through social interaction
  • tour with their ensemble taking NSSWE out into the community through unique performance opportunities

Musical excellence and passion

Since our inception in 2010, NSSWE has evolved to become a major regional cultural organisation built on the ethos of young people expressing themselves through their music with passion, intensity and integrity.

Our focus remains on how we perform, rather than on what we play, and on entertaining, performing for, and giving back to the community from which we draw our musical talent.

We create a sustainable, vibrant and exciting musical environment by developing our musicians and creating new ensembles to provide new opportunities to grow musically, and by performing repertoires that continue to stretch us musically, yet which remain enjoyable and fun.

Each year, all our ensembles and bands go on tour, and these tours provide NSSWE musicians with new opportunities to see something of Australia and Overseas.

Our musical programs complement those of the schools in the northern Sydney region from which we draw our musicians and we collaborate closely with those schools.

Management Committee

NSSWE is overseen by a Management Committee. This board of volunteers sets the direction of the organisation, manages NSSWE’s finances and staffing, nurtures relationships with our sponsors, and ensures the welfare of the organisation as a whole. The board members also play active roles behind the scenes in organising performances, tours, and other vital activities.

The board is always interested in receiving feedback from the NSSWE community, and if you have any suggestions or comments on NSSWE’s activities, please contact us.

Current Committee

The following board members were elected at the AGM held 27 May 2020:

President & Public Officer       Diana Perche
Vice President Sarah Duncan
Secretary Georgina Hardy
Treasurer Alan Norton
Committee Member Patrick Brennan
Committee Member Lisa Mead
Committee Member Mhairi Holway
Committee Member Nicholas Badger

Code of Ethics and Conduct

NSSWE operates under a Code of  Conduct.

The Code establishes the standards of behaviour expected of all student musicians, employees, volunteers, parents and carers of NSSWE. It places an obligation on everyone to take responsibility for their own conduct and to work with colleagues, parents, students and volunteers cooperatively to establish an environment everyone is happy and proud to be part of.

This Code of  Conduct applies to all student musicians, employees, volunteers and parents and carers of NSSWE Incorporated and its music programs.

Read NSSWE’s Code of Conduct and Terms and Conditions

Annual Report

A copy of the 2019 NSSWE Annual Report is available for viewing here.

On Sunday 15 March NSSWE made the decision to suspend rehearsals for all ensembles with immediate effect.  This was done out of concern for the health and well being of our musicians, staff, and their families, in light of the COVID-19 virus.

In place of the suspended Term 1 rehearsals, we hope to arrange additional rehearsals and workshops for our musicians later in the year. At present, it is our intention to hold our Showcase in November at The Concourse in Chatswood.

All of our tours planned for 2020 are also suspended.

NSSWE have moved online with NSSWE Connect which was launched at the beginning of term 2.

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